It's been an exciting week at the Libertarian Policy Institute. We asked our readers here and on our social media what your policy and project priorities are, and overwhelming feedback has put our eyes on Arkansas.

That's why it's even more exciting that Ricky Dale Harrington, Jr. is our new board president!

Ricky, a former missionary and prison chaplain, set the Libertarian Party's vote percentage in his campaign against Tom Cotton for Senator from Arkansas. During the campaign, Ricky struck such a fear in the Senator's heart that he skipped a debate and flew to the New Hampshire GOP for a warmer reception. And it's easy to see why with the reception Ricky has already received as our new board president. These are just some of the reactions we received over the last week:
He should be the US Senator from Arkansas right now.
- James M.

Wow. This is phenomenal.
- Chris R.

Great hire!
- Kevin H.

- Nathan W.

Love him! Solid selection.
- Hodey J.

This is the way.
- the Libertarian Party of Tennessee
We're just as excited as you:

It is an honor to work with a man who lives his witness as powerfully as @RickDHarrington. His voice is powerfully needed in Arkansas and across this nation.
- Nicholas Sarwark, Executive Director, Twitter

Ricky is an inspiration and a guiding light. I'm looking forward to working with you, @RickDHarrington!
- Richard Manzo, Operations Director, Twitter
Ricky is going to be instrumental in ensuring that the voters of Arkansas can identify candidates who will uphold libertarian values and we couldn't be more excited. If you want to help us make sure there's a good candidate for every Arkansan, join us as a Patron today:
Just before we announced Ricky's appointment as board president, we also teased some new products on the LPI Shop. Take a look at what we've added:

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It's been an exciting week, but we have even more ahead of us. As we start projects based on all your feedback, we'll also be unveiling some new board members. Ricky is a superstar but just like we can't work without you, Ricky will have the support he needs to evangelize real-life solutions to the people of Arkansas and our nation. Keep an eye out on Monday for our next pick.

As RJ Lyman once said, "It's hard to challenge a tyrant." We're glad you're along with us on this journey. We couldn't challenge tyrants without you.

Thanks for reading,
The Team at LPI