Do you ever see or hear your elected officials in action and wonder how they ever got in a position of power? So have I. The truth is that many of these elected officials run unopposed for years on end. No one challenges their hold on power, so they just keep it.

But this doesn't mean there's a lack of interest in replacing them.

Across the country, candidates outside the Republican and Democratic parties are forced to collect up to tens of thousands of signatures just to be able to run in a single state election. This costs candidates time and money that should be spent bringing their message to voters and presenting real solutions to the problems they're facing.

Every signature costs campaigns $4. That's before you're even allowed to choose to vote for them. Isn't that absurd? We think it is, too. Help us achieve ballot access in states so candidates can run without a barrier to entry:
Our executive director is boots-on-the-ground in Alabama right now, doing the work to collect petitions. Here's why in his own words:

Nicholas Sarwark on Twitter @nsarwark:
I'm in Alabama because 52 of the 105 races for state representative in 2018 went completely unopposed after the primary elections. Half of the legislature faced no political competition outside of their own party.

Competition makes things better. It's true for cars, computers, and consumer goods. It's also true for politicians and policy. The Libertarian Party of Alabama has a ballot access drive to be able to provide political competition across the state, especially in these districts where incumbents are going unopposed.

If they can collect 70,000 raw signatures, they will be able to field candidates up and down the ballot and all across the state from the Coast to the Wiregrass to the Shoals.

If you agree with Nick, help our efforts by supporting 25, 10, 5, or even just a single signature:
Thank you for being with us,

Richard Manzo
Operations Director