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The Libertarian Policy Institute seized the opportunities created by a pandemic of political polarization in 2021 to focus our vision and build a solid foundation to develop and implement practical, peaceful, public policy solutions in 2022. As we look back in review, join us in looking forward.

We began last year as a solo effort of Nicholas Sarwark to continue the work started during his six years as national Chairman of the Libertarian Party by developing and promoting policies that improve lives and communities while reducing government coercion.

Through 2021, we built an experienced team of leaders with a deep, diverse set of skills. Collaboration is key in improving the world, and each of our team members possesses vital knowledge to deliver real-world solutions.

Richard Manzo joined the team to serve as Operations Director, bringing experience as an elected public official, business consultant, and campaign manager to the task of building a larger community of authors, supporters, and board members. We added four new members to the Board of Directors, welcoming President Ricky Harrington, Jr. and new board members R.J. Lyman, Judge John Buttrick, and Mitch Scoggins.

As we built up our team, we delivered on building solutions.

Over the course of the year, we published articles on fixing a broken American higher education system, moving forward from COVID-19, why most people shouldn’t go to law school, ways to be more effective in online communication, removing zoning to increase the housing supply, creating real change by running for office, making taxation unnecessary through public investment, libertarian approaches to good government, cutting government with buyouts, ballot access challenges, the problems with the Federal Reserve, elected officials aligning with the things that are important to the people they serve, and the importance of field work to creating political change.

Nicholas Sarwark represented the Libertarian Policy Institute around the country, both physically and virtually, appearing on the Dope Black Thoughts podcast, speaking at Freedom Fest in South Dakota, joining Justin Amash and other Libertarian Party leaders at the 50th Anniversary celebration in Colorado, and shared our views on criminal justice and education reform at Perspectives on Freedom, sponsored by Pennsylvania Congressional candidate Liz Terwilliger.

Our focus is on real-world results, which is why our Executive Director went on a multi-week mission in Alabama to provide vital assistance to Libertarian Party efforts to restore ballot access and ensure voters have access to candidates that uplift their values.

In 2022, we’ll be doing even more of that vital work. People shouldn’t have to pick and choose between their values at the ballot box. Everyone should have the opportunity to vote for candidates who will respect and defend both economic and civil liberties.

That’s why, in addition to crafting solutions for the real people government inaction has harmed, we’ll be recruiting and training candidates to run against entrenched incumbents and break up the hold a single party has in deep red and blue states and enact those solutions. Board President Ricky Harrington, Jr. has already teamed up with Wes Benedict to recruit over 100 candidates for state legislative office in Arkansas to inject some political competition into the Natural State and bring our ideas to Little Rock.

We understand the importance of ordinary people engaging in self-governance, and we also understand that systems are, in many cases, intentionally complex and intimidating to someone who just wants to get the work done. So, we’ll be tapping into our deep well of experience to prepare candidates for issues-focused campaigns, ensure they are visible in their communities and prominent in the media, and equip them with modern, visually appealing outreach tools so their message rings loud and clear.

This mission requires many hands and many minds. We couldn’t do it without the help of every single one of our team members.

If you want to be a part of this mission, join as a Patron today. In addition to supporting our work you’ll have the opportunity to directly guide our mission if you join as a Leader.
The Libertarian Policy Institute also actively accepts article submissions from its readers and leaders around the country. If you have a problem in your community that you can solve, or if you have an innovative idea to make our country freer and more prosperous, send us a message through our website or email our Operations Director Richard Manzo directly to get started.

Thank you for being with us,
The Team at LPI