Dear ,

I can’t thank you enough for your monthly donation to the Libertarian Policy Institute. Without your generous financial support, we would not have seen the monumental success of the Golden Spike project in Arkansas that recruited nearly 60 Libertarian candidates to “Run With Ricky!”

Your sustaining pledge not only helped LPI recruit a record-breaking number of Libertarian candidates in Arkansas, but also put a qualified, professional field team together that is assisting Ricky Harrington in his run for Governor of Arkansas. The entire team is dedicated to the success of this drive, the candidates, their success, and seeing it through to the goal–more elected Libertarians and more freedom in our lifetime.

So, why am I emailing you? We have so much more planned for the 2022 election season and beyond and that’s where we are asking you for your help. The Arkansas initiative went so well and saw so much success that we decided to expand the efforts and get even MORE Libertarians on ballots across the country.

Would you consider doubling your monthly donation today so we can continue this success with
  • Another statewide large-scale candidate recruitment campaign?
  • Support for a two-way ballot access candidate?
  • Support for ANOTHER two-way ballot access candidate?
  • Field teams, remote teams, and candidate support for every candidate we recruit?
YES! I’m excited to keep this project going by doubling my monthly pledge!
Not today, but I’m happy to supplement my monthly pledge with an additional one-time donation to get these additional initiatives rolling!
No thanks, but I’m excited to support Ricky Harrington’s campaign for Governor of Arkansas!
I would love to but I have a few questions first and would like to set a time to chat.

If you would also love to volunteer for any campaign that needs attention, please email Valerie Sarwark and she can get you connected.

Thank you again for your continued support of our critical work,

Yours in liberty,

Nicholas Sarwark
Executive Director, Libertarian Policy Institute