When it comes to understanding and solving problems, there’s just no substitute for direct experience. From overzealous zoning bureaucrats and licensing laws for hair braiding to mistreatment in the justice system, those with first-hand experience offer us the greatest understanding of the harmful effects and need for change.

We want to hear from you:

What’s a problem you’ve faced in your community? Have you been able to resolve it? What did you do, and who helped?

Share your story with us and we'll highlight it (if you want us to). Whether it's by offering deeper understanding or drawing more eyes to the problem, your shared experience will be vital in making progress.

Libertarians for Good Government

Monthly roundup:

Libertarianism and good governance go hand-in-hand. As Alexander Salter writes, "Even at the local level, it’s appropriate to be skeptical of government power. But the urge to resist should go hand-in-hand with the drive to reform." Read his first article with the Libertarian Policy Institute below.

Libertarians believe liberty is the highest political good. The chief purpose of political association, and hence of government, is protecting citizens from force and fraud. Government’s coercive power compels us to keep it on a tight leash. Liberty isn’t the only benefit of political association, however. This shouldn’t surprise even the most diehard libertarian, if they’re also an American. There …

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Libertarians for Good Government
Over the last month, you’ve been included in our press releases announcing our new board members. Here’s where we are on that:

  • President Ricky Dale Harrington, Jr. - Ricky set the Libertarian Party’s record vote result by percent with over 33% in his campaign for US Senate last year. Before that, he served as a non-denominational prison chaplain and missionary abroad in two countries.
  • R.J. Lyman - R.J. was Massachusetts’ Assistant Environmental Secretary and Director of the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act Office, and Chair of the 2020 Bill Weld presidential campaign.
  • John Buttrick - Judge Buttrick was a Superior Court Judge and US Magistrate Judge in Arizona, as well as Chair of the Libertarian Party of Arizona.
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