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We here at the Libertarian Policy Institute are focused on real-world solutions for real people. That’s why we’ve spent the last month making connections with experts who can help us provide those solutions and taking them directly to the people.

LPI Executive Director Nicholas Sarwark spoke at FreedomFest in South Dakota in July:

  • On July 21, Nick participated in a panel with Larry Sharpe, Jess Mears, Daniel Fishman, and Jeff Hewitt, “Just Slap it With Some NAP: Is the Non-Aggression Principle the Answer to Everything?”
  • On Saturday, July 24, Nick presented “Collaborative Libertarianism: Uniting with Anybody to Do Right,” focused on uniting libertarians with other political groups to advance needed and beneficial policy.
As Frederick Douglass said, “I would unite with anybody to do right, and nobody to do wrong.” Libertarians can find mutual areas of interest with broad coalitions, both improving the lives of their constituents and easing division as the “us vs. them” mentality fades behind the shared mission.

Of his time at FreedomFest, Nick had this to say:

“While we were at FreedomFest, we had great conversations with Hannah Cox from FEE, Holly Ward from People for Liberty, Mike Sertic from the Advoates for Self Government, Li Schooland from the Acton Institute, Marc Victor from Live and Let Live, and many other libertarian and conservative activists. While we don't agree on everything, we all agree on working together to create a more prosperous and peaceful world.”

You, our readers, have an exciting month of articles ahead. We’ve received many new talented writers whose work will be published over this month. Nick’s newest article, “Make Your Actions Speak Louder,” is hot off the press:

Leading by example and action also shows that you have skin in the game. It’s not an abstract editorial about what other people should do, it’s an account of what you did with your own time and energy, showing your commitment to the choices and values that are important to you.

Read the rest on our website at https://libertarianpolicy.org/make-your-actions-speak-louder/.

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