Support the Golden Spike

We partnered with Wes Benedict to recruit an army of 55 libertarian candidates to “Run with Ricky” in Arkansas in 2022 and plant a golden spike of political competition in the Natural State.

Our last recruitment drive came in under our budget of $400 per candidate recruited, which includes the cost of data analysis, mailing, and dedicated support in the filing process.

We are gearing up to duplicate this effort in Alabama, supporting statewide candidates with a unified team of candidates to bring political competition and seize an opportunity to inject libertarian ideas into the 2022 election. Think of the effect you can have on liberty with your support of this amazing opportunity!

Your support ensures that thousands of voters in Alabama will have candidates to vote for who support practical, peaceful, libertarian solutions to make their communities better.

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I'm pledging my support of $4,000 to recruit ten libertarian candidates!

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I'm pledging my support of $400 to recruit one libertarian candidate!

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I'm pledging my support of $40 to help recruit candidates and will ask 9 friends to help!

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