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We're recruiting even more candidates to stand with the thousands of libertarians who have already made the decision to become leaders in the movement by running for public office. Our next strategic target is Iowa, where a groundbreaking lawsuit by former Gubernatorial candidate Jake Porter has granted us just under two months to recruit Iowans ready to serve their community.

We need to raise $20,000 to make a full-scale recruitment effort possible. This includes data analysis, mailing, phone banking, and a candidate recruitment specialist to ensure the best messengers of libertarian ideas are on every Iowan's ballot this election.

Our last two recruitment drives resulted in 57 Arkansans standing to Run with Ricky, nearly double any previous effort in Arkansas, and 69 Alabamans ready to challenge an incumbent political machine no one else would challenge.

Your support will help ensure thousands of Iowans will have a libertarian choice on their ballot this November. Think of the effect you can have on liberty with your support of this amazing opportunity!

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