Harrington to Helm Board at Libertarian Policy Institute

The Libertarian Policy Institute is proud to announce the appointment of Ricky Dale Harrington, Jr. as its board president.

After setting a record among Libertarian Party candidates for public office  — 33.5% of the vote in his 2020 race to represent Arkansas in the US Senate — Harrington is changing his focus and stepping into a national public policy role.

The Institute, a New Hampshire-based 501(c)(4), “is about promoting tangible solutions, not just seeking votes for good ideas,” says Harrington. “That mission speaks to me in a way that echoes my own background and the lessons life has taught me.”

“Truth is important,” the former missionary and prison chaplain continues. “Preaching the truth, whether it’s the gospel or sound political philosophy, is important. I will be focused on advocacy for those who are the most vulnerable in our nation and providing our fellow Americans the tools to steer away from the dangers of authoritarianism.”

“To preserve the lofty ideals and principles of the American experiment, we must be adamantly vigilant in guarding liberty and to remain steadfast in the fight against the temptations that power brings.”

Founded during the darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic by former Libertarian National Committee chair Nicholas J. Sarwark, the Libertarian Policy Institute’s goal is to “see libertarian policies enacted in our lifetime,” says operations director Richard Manzo. “The pandemic underscored America’s urgent need for practical solutions. Under Ricky’s leadership, the board will shape our approach to problems like our unjust justice system, faulty health care system, and ever-expanding infringements upon civil liberties.”

Nicholas Sarwark

Nicholas Sarwark is Executive Director of the Libertarian Policy Institute. He served as Chair of the Libertarian National Committee from 2014 to 2020, a period of unprecedented growth. Over the last two decades, he has worked as a systems developer for a major non-profit, tried over 30 cases to a jury as a deputy public defender in Colorado, and managed the oldest independent car dealership and loan company in Phoenix. He founded Wedge Squared Strategies in 2019, a strategy, communications, and campaign consulting firm that helps individuals and organizations maximize their impact on the world. Licensed to practice law in Colorado and New Hampshire, he lives in Manchester, New Hampshire with his wife Valerie and their four children where they volunteer to build a better local community.