Judge Buttrick Joins Board

The Libertarian Policy Institute is proud to announce the appointment of Judge John A. Buttrick to the board.

Judge Buttrick, an Arizona-based attorney, served as a Superior Court Judge and United States Magistrate Judge of the District Court for the District of Arizona.

Judge Buttrick also previously served as Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Arizona, as a member of the Libertarian National Committee, and as Chair of the Libertarian Party’s platform committee.

His accomplished career as a Judge, evaluating information neutrally and crafting solutions with a level-head, as well as his time as a leader in the libertarian movement, will be invaluable to the board and to volunteers as the Institute gears up for special projects and the 2022 campaign season.

The Libertarian Policy Institute is committed to good governance, put succinctly by Judge Buttrick, “when you create law, you must follow the law.” Buttrick, a fierce defender of the constitution, will be a boon to ensuring Americans can identify candidates who respect the constitution on ballots across the nation.

“We leave theoretical debates to others,” said Executive Director Nicholas Sarwark, “and Judge Buttrick provides a wealth of experience crafting real-world solutions backed by the facts. He’s an excellent fit for our mission.” 

Judge Buttrick joins Ricky Dale Harrington, Jr. and R.J. Lyman as the third in a series of board appointments. Additional appointments will continue to be revealed over the coming days.

Richard Manzo

Richard Manzo is Operations Director of the Libertarian Policy Institute. An elected official in Goffstown, New Hampshire, Richard serves as a member of the budget committee and the trust fund trustees. He formerly served as a trustee of the historic Goffstown Public Library and New England regional director of the Jorgensen for President campaign.