Tara DeSisto Named VP of Strategic Partnerships

MANCHESTER, NH, May 9, 2022 – The Libertarian Policy Institute, a leading public policy group focused on advocating for libertarian principles and ideas, announces that Tara DeSisto has been named as Vice President of Strategic Partnerships.  

Tara DeSisto, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Ms. DeSisto brings over 20 years of experience in bridging connections among stakeholders and subject matter experts along with nearly two decades of event planning experience, most recently as Director of Development for the Libertarian National Committee. Prior to that, Ms. DeSisto served as coordinator with Commonwealth Compact and Corporate Challenge where she built a network of 500+ organizations all committed to hiring diverse leadership in their c-suites and staff. 

“We know that real change comes from bringing people together to achieve a common purpose and there is nobody better at bringing people together than Tara,” said Nicholas Sarwark, Executive Director. “Her experience in building policy coalitions across partisan lines will help LPI solve the greatest challenges our society faces. We’re incredibly grateful to have her.”

Ms. DeSisto also has a rich background in foreign policy working with the Forum for Cities in Transition, the Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters, and the Future of Diplomacy Project at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She has done research in states transitioning out of communism with a focus on eastern Europe. 

“I’m thrilled to be a part of LPI,” said Tara DeSisto. “I am excited to be working in a space that works toward finding solutions, not merely identifying problems. A lot can be done with a solution-oriented approach to policy

Ms. DeSisto earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Relations as well as a professional certificate in grant writing from the University of Massachusetts. She also serves as a board member for Rank the Vote and sits on the Freedom Fest council. She resides in Boston with her family.

About the Libertarian Policy Institute

The Libertarian Policy Institute is 501(c)(4) committed to applying libertarian principles and solutions to real world problems.  They provide community leaders, elected officials, and the public with the tools they need to make all communities a freer, safer, and better place to live.

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Richard Manzo

Richard Manzo is Operations Director of the Libertarian Policy Institute. An elected official in Goffstown, New Hampshire, Richard serves as a member of the budget committee and the trust fund trustees. He formerly served as a trustee of the historic Goffstown Public Library and New England regional director of the Jorgensen for President campaign.

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